Join Elektor Tomorrow - Made in Munich

September 11, 2014 | 08:35
Join Elektor Tomorrow - Made in Munich
Join Elektor Tomorrow - Made in Munich

With the soaring interest of companies in makers, hackers, hackerspaces, and independent labs, Elektor is all set to synergize company technologies with new & young e-tech cultures.

To match the trend, a brand new activity is launched at the 2014 Electronica show in Munich. Elektor’s booth there is a genuine Maker Space where visitors can hang out, do design work, attend mini workshops, work with lab technicians on a project, or participate in a teardown of the latest piece of electronics.

Partners in Business

Four opportunities are offered to support the Elektor Tomorrow initiative.

1. Technology & Equipment Partner

Partners can deliver technology/equipment, like soldering equipment, measurement equipment, 3D printer technologies, and so on into the Elektor Maker Space.

2. How-To Workshop Partner

Every day three workshops will be organized in Elektor’s Maker Space. Partners in business should supply the presenter and any additional products not available in the Elektor Maker Space.

3. Visitor Partner

A group of partners jointly arranges traffic control on the exhibition floor and on their own booth. Visitors receive an access card/route map, along with gifts and gadgets at your own booth, as well as at your partners’ booths and at the Elektor Maker Space.

4. Media Partner

In the November 2014 issues of Elektor’s English and German-language magazines space is available on a full-size promotion page to include your logo, as well as a hyperlink in the online sections of Elektor Tomorrow on the websites and e-zines. There are also many possibilities to publish native content.

We look forward to working with you as a partner of occasion of Elektor Tomorrow. 

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