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Kit of parts for Elektor Improved Radiation Meter

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Kit of parts for Elektor Improved Radiation Meter
Kit of parts for Elektor Improved Radiation Meter

The radiation meter that started out as an experiment with a matching, short article in the June 2011 edition evolved gradually into a project that met with great interest with our readers. Designer Burkhard Kainka assisted by Elektor Lab worker Thijs Beckers went to the radiation department of Namur University to have the basic design checked using several radiation sources and came back with enough enthusiasm to develop a complete meter with a microcontroller, a readout & all that got described in the November 2011 edition. Next the enthusiasm mounted to a level that Elektor logistics was prompted to assemble kits for the benefit of Elektor readers.


The radiation meter is based on a phototransistor rather than the far more expensive and elusive Geiger tube. Alpha, beta and gamma radiation can be detected with due care exercised in the interpretation of what appears on the LCD readout and a basic knowledge of physics and the test method. Sensor screening is critical to correct operation of the meter and in a follow-up article in the January 2012 edition a number of methods are explained to get the measurements right.


The kit now launched contains all parts to build the Elektor radiation meter, including the programmed microcontroller and LCD.

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