Red Pitaya is a powerful instrumentation and prototyping module with integrated 14-bit A/D and D/A converters, which is used by numerous electronics professionals and hobbyists as a general-purpose oscilloscope, signal generator or signal analyzer. It is also suitable for user-developed applications.

Red Pitaya is now offering a calibrated version of this versatile module as a limited edition, eliminating the need for calibration by the user. The new Calibrated Diagnostic Kit includes everything you need to use the Red Pitaya as an extremely accurate instrument: a calibrated Red Pitaya V1.1 board, a compatible USB Wi-Fi dongle, two SMA/BNC adapters, two 50 Ω terminators, two 60 MHz probes, a 4 GB microSD card, an AC adapter, and the Oscilloscope PRO and Spectrum Analyzer PRO application firmware.

The Red Pitaya board in this special kit has the DC offset of the inputs adjusted to within ±0.5 mV, the input gains calibrated within 0.2%, the DC offset of the outputs adjusted within ±4 mV, and the DC gain of the outputs calibrated within 0.4%. This attractive kit is available for a limited time only at a special price of just €359 (regular price €439). If you order right away, you will also receive a genuine Red Pitaya case for free (regular price €24.95).