Still from KainkaLabs video with Mastech MS8911 SMD LCR-Tweezers
Still from KainkaLabs' video with
Mastech MS8911 SMD LCR-Tweezers
For the modern, active and discerning electronics engineer, Elektor.Labs offers an increasingly varied selection of laboratory equipment in its online store. This choice strives to reconcile the useful with the... manageable. Willingly or by force, the price of much labs equipment depends on the means of the person financing it. For this selection, we are often torn between irreconcilable extremes. Price differences of the order of 1:10 for allegedly "comparable" devices are no exception. Thus, the judgment of our readers and other practitioners is invaluable to us.

SMD LCR-Tweezers

That's why this week's video will be that of a user seduced by the Mastech MS8911 recently presented by Elektor. Indeed, Roger from KainkaLabs tested this LCR meter in his own way in front of his camera. In the video below, the discussion of the device itself starts at the 12:18 mark. However, his 12-minute preamble in which the author explains his approach, is also interesting. 

If you don't have time to listen all the way, here's Roger's conclusion:
"The acquisition of this device is satisfactory despite minor details. What's remarkable for this price is not only the fact that you hold a true dual-display LCR meter in your hand. You also get several measurement frequencies, and a test RMS voltage of your choice of 0.1 V or 0.5 V. [...]
The Mastech MS8911 has its rightful place in the toolkit of serious amateur and even semi-professional electronics engineers."