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Mobile phones and laptops charge from the sun

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Mobile phones and laptops charge from the sun
Mobile phones and laptops charge from the sun

A team of researchers at French WYSIPS (what you seem is photovoltaic surface) claim to have developed a film that’s accurate to within a pixel. The technology they say can provide a high-definition solution applicable to all types of screens. Just like touch screen technology, Wysips is designed to become an integral part of the screen, allowing all tomorrow’s telephones to produce their own power from the sun.


WYSIPS responds to the global need for connectivity, mobility and autonomy. They say: “Thanks to WYSIPS, no more chargers and wall sockets: your phone charges automatically on a café terrace, walking down the road, or wherever and whenever you take it. A WYSIPS phone produces, stores and uses its own energy: you’ll never experience a flat battery again!”


The new product is a super-thin, transparent photovoltaic film that sits on a cellphone screen and according to Wysip, the photovoltaic film will not affect the accuracy of a phone’s touchscreen. The photovoltaic film, which is 100 microns thin, sits on the screen for the demo only; future models of the Wysip photovoltaic film will be integrated into your phone’s LCD.


On YouTube, Wysips’ President Ludovic Deblois can be seen and heard demoing his company’s new product at 2011 International CTIA WIRELESS. The WYSIPS team won

1st Place
in CTIA's 2011 Emerging Technology - Green Telecom and SMART Energy competition.


Meanwhile on Wysip’s website, they calculate how a nuclear reactor’s worth of production of electricity could be saved by porting their technology to the 2 billion mobile phones being used today. Future applications and integration of Wysip’s photovoltaic film technology would be in laptops and e-readers.

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