While being in the middle of negotiations to sell off its semiconductor department to the highest bidder, the engineers at Toshiba still find the time to come up with new products. Especially the MOSFET department is busy extending its product range every month, but also the memory people are being productive. This month’s MOSFETs are two low-voltage, N-channel power devices in the UMOS VIII-H Series.

Intended for quick chargers, switched-mode power supplies and DC-DC converters, the new 100 V power MOSFETs feature support for 4.5 V logic level drive, enabling bufferless driving. The TPH6R30ANL can handle currents up to 45 A with its RDS(on) rated at 6.3 milliohms while the TPH4R10ANL is rated at 70 A and 4.1 milliohms. Furthermore, the devices are compatible with the high output voltage power supplies required in USB 3.0 related applications.

Last month’s MOSFETs, no less than 14 devices, all part of the UMOS IX-H series of low-voltage, N-channel power devices, were designed for high-efficiency DC-DC and AC-DC converters, power supplies and motor drives. Depending on the device, RDS(on) (@VGS = 10 V) ranges from 0.80 milliohms to 7.5 milliohms.