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Mounting Adhesive Takes the Heat

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Mounting Adhesive Takes the Heat
Mounting Adhesive Takes the Heat

Liqui-Bond SA 3505 high thermal conductivity adhesive from Bergquist reduces the cost and effort of securing components to heat sinks in power supplies and other applications. The two-part liquid adhesive can be stored without refrigeration, and it achieves high bond strength after heat curing.


The adhesive has a thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/m-K, previously unavailable in a structural adhesive, with a shear strength of 3.15 MPa when cured. Its high bond strength allows it to be used for many purposes, including PCB attachment, as a fast and easy alternative to conventional fasteners. Its mild elastic properties help alleviate stresses from thermal expansion and contraction during thermal cycling. For applications where a consistent stand-off or dielectric integrity is critical, the adhesive can be ordered with 0.18 mm or 0.25 mm glass beads.


The adhesive’s thixotropic properties promote easy flowing during assembly with minimal stress on fragile components and ensure the applied adhesive will remain in place until cured. Its shear thinning characteristics support optimized dispensing, while availability in cartridge or kit form allows use with either manual or automated dispensing equipment.

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