New Book from Elektor: PC Programming

December 4, 2013 | 00:00
New Book from Elektor: PC Programming
New Book from Elektor: PC Programming

Although there are many different PC programming languages available on the market—with beautiful names, easy to use development tools and/or incredible power—sadly they insist on you supplying the knowledge of complex technology and even more complex commands.


In this book long-standing Elektor book author Bert van Dam takes a different, far more practical approach to programming a PC, aiming to get it done quickly and without the hassle. Not in a professional environment, not in order to start a new career, but for plain and simple fun... or just to get a task done.


Microsoft Small Basic is guaranteed to have an application up and running in a matter of minutes. You will understand exactly how it works and be able to write text programs, graphical user interfaces, and advanced drivers. It is so simple; you don't even need to be an adult!


This book is now available from Elektor. GREEN & GOLD members receive a 10% discount when ordering this book from our store!

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