New from Elektor books: The EAGLE Companion

September 8, 2015 | 13:37
New from Elektor books: The EAGLE Companion
New from Elektor books: The EAGLE Companion
We are happy to present a new addition to the Elektor books portfolio: The EAGLE Companion, An Advanced User’s Guide. In over 600 pages this book serves EAGLE users requiring deeper insights in the program’s operation, functionality, and advanced features. Assuming a basic knowledge of EAGLE, the book explores the more challenging modules, commands and functions which make up the program that keeps rocking the global PCB/CAD scene.

Perfect for use as a quick and succinct reference to all things EAGLE, this book is most useful when in easy reaching distance such as on the desk or bookshelf of the EAGLE user faced with a tough PCB design challenge. If ever EAGLE had a faithful companion, it’s truly this book.

A key feature of EAGLE is its User Language Program (ULP) which is a gateway to customizing the program for individual needs and preferences. Uniquely, the full ULP manual is included in this book in unabridged form, reproduced with permission of CadSoft GmbH.

So don’t miss out, and get your copy of this amazing EAGLE tool today!
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