New power modules support all major solar power converter topologies

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
New power modules support all major solar power converter topologies
New power modules support all major solar power converter topologies

Microsemi has introduced three families of power modules that cover all major solar converter topologies, including boost-only modules for solar converters with or without transformers and a boost-and-buck modules for three-phase, three-level, neutral point clamped (NPC) solar converters. All modules offer a variety of mix-and-match options for modules tailored for use in the various topologies.


There are nine modules for transformer-based converters, including primary side modules that combine power factor correction (PFC), bypass diode and phase leg functionality as well as secondary side modules that combine a secondary fast rectifier with a full bridge circuit. For transformerless solar converters, there are four modules that combine a boost stage with a bypass diode and fast full bridge, as well as three modules for three-phase, three-level NPC solar converters that include boost and buck stages to provide an interface between the solar panels and the converter's output stage.      

For transformer primary-side applications, customers have a choice of diodes for the MOSFET boost stage and can select either standard devices or MOSFETS with an improved body diode in the phase leg, which are targeted for use in a phase shifted or zero voltage switching (ZVS) topology. All devices are housed in a low-profile, low-inductance SP1 package. For secondary-side applications, Microsemi offers modules in an SP3F package that include a thermal sensor for overtemperature protection plus an IGBT/MOSFET combination for the output bridge. Alternatively, customers can choose an all-IGBT option (trench and field stop) to minimize conduction losses at line frequency or an all-MOSFET option to maximise bridge efficiency.     

The new modules for transformerless converters combine PFC, bypass diode and full bridge functionality with a thermal sensor in an SP3F package. For the output bridge, customers can choose an  IGBT/MOSFET combination, an all-MOSFET configuration or one that combines trench and non-punchthrough (NPT) IGBT switch technology. A choice of CoolMOS or SiC diodes is available for implementing the  modules' bypass functionality.     

Modules for three-phase, three-level NPC converters are available with 650 V / 19 mΩ or 600 V / 24 mΩ MOSFETs and 100 A / 600 V trench and  field stop IGBTs, plus a choice of FRED boost diodes or SiC devices that boost the converter's input-stage efficiency at higher switching frequency.


Image: Microsemi

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