NIBO Burger robot kit

April 12, 2016 | 12:31
The NIBO burger robot kit is a free programmable autonomous robot with 9 sensors, based on an Atmel ATmega16 AVR main controller, with a slot for ARDUINO shields. An integrated USB programmer acts as charger for the batteries.  Seven different sensor bricks can be plugged into ten sensor slots. Three colour sensor bricks enable the robot to detect colours. Obstacles are detectedby four IR sensor bricks.  The 25:1 gear transmission ratio allows high speed driving, the 125:1 gear transmission ratio allows high precision driving. NIBO burger avoids dynamic obstacles. Follow Me - NIBO burger follows a hand. NIBO burger recognizes colours.​ NIBO burger tries to escape.​ A construction manual with many illustrations explains the assembly and soldering step by step. All important basic functions are implemented in the open-source NiboRoboLib library. After assembling you can directly start wi...

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