Nice gift and handy tool

May 3, 2016 | 14:34
From an enthusiastic reader in Switzerland we received an original letter in the shape of a scrolling LED marquee. This is what it says (in French): “Ideal observing distance 3 m, in full darkness. Hello Elektor! Thank you for everything you have taught me about electronics! This project is open source and may be published and improved. 180 LEDs controlled by a single PIC 18F46K22 clocked at 64 MHz, the program is written in C. A gift for you! Best regards, Joël Huser, Switzerland”.   Thank you Joël ! Have you noticed the fancy third hands in this video? With four 12” flexible arms this highly adaptable tool quickens soldering. Hold large and irregular components easily with large alligator clips attached with protective clip covers to prevent marring. Dual machined pockets in the heavy precision machined base can hold small components and hardware without needing separate containers. The Third Hand comes fully assembled out of the box.   Configure your Thi...

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