Raspberry Pi’s original goal was to make computing accessible to everyone. They did this by developing a range of small, low-cost computer boards running Linux. As we know, they met with tremendous success. Now they try to do a similar thing for microcontrollers by launching their own RP2 microcontroller family and the required breakout boards to support them. Will they succeed?

The RP2040

Raspberry Pi's first MCU is the RP2040, a dual-core 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ device with 264 KB of RAM and up to 16 MB of external QSPI flash memory. What do you think?

Raspberry Pi Pico

The Raspberry Pi Pico is the first microcontroller board based on the RP2040 MCU. The board has the following features:
  • Dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+ RP2040 MCU
  • 264 KB RAM
  • 2 MB Flash
  • 26 GPIO pins
  • Drag’n’drop programming over USB
  • SWD port for debugging and programming

In this video, we have a closer look at the RP2040 microcontroller and the Pico Board.