18512_Pi-Juice-Raspberry-Pi-UPS-elektor-TV Among the many HAT-accessories available for the Raspberry Pi, the Uninterruptable Power Supply aptly called PiJuice is a remarkable one. By lifting fundamental limitations, the PiJuice is a user-friendly way to increase the performance of your Pi applications. It allows the use of your Raspberry Pi far from any power adapter, making it more portable than ever.

Tested & recommended by Elektor Labs

For straightforward use the software isn’t essential although it does give access to powerful features. The standard capacity of the PiJuice is 1820 mAh is announced to make a power-hungry Raspberry Pi 3B+ last between 4 and 6 hours. Our own tests showed that these figures paint a rosy picture. Depending on the load, we rachived between 1.75 and 3.25 hours, which is still a good result considering the ease of adding capacity simply by using larger batteries (max. current is 1.1 A with the supplied BP7Z battery). You’ll get 2.5 A from a battery rated 3500 mAh or more.
On the PiJuice, two extra I/O lines are fully configurable through the easy to install software. Manual configuration of the PiJuice is done with three pushbuttons and a few DIP switches.