Pre-order now: IoT-GET-U-GOING book

November 5, 2015 | 10:59
Pre-order now: IoT-GET-U-GOING book
Pre-order now: IoT-GET-U-GOING book
One of our newest books, IoT GET-U-GOING, will be arriving at the Elektor warehouse soon! This book will show you how to build your own Internet of Things systems through 35 interesting projects. IoT GET-U-GOING covers the hardware, such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and the software that enables you to control your environment via the Internet.

Checking the mailbox, switching on the lights, and making coffee right from your tablet are no longer things of the future. With the easy-to-follow explanations of these interesting projects, and many more, you can start working with IoT hands-on today. Assuming the projects in the book are finished, you have a complete Internet of Things system that allows you to control and view of everything in your home. All project software described in this book is available to download for free from the Elektor website.

In this unique book, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and HTML webpages with stylesheets and JavaScript come together in clearly-described, easy-to-build projects. This special book is an essential part of your collection!

If you pre-order IoT GET-U-GOING now, you will receive a 15% discount. Don't wait too long! Order before it arrives on November 23 to get this special price.
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