RasPad - The Raspberry Pi Goes TabletThe RPi didn’t actually need an additional push to boost its popularity. Nevertheless, this new way of providing a plug-and-play setup for this platform will substantially widen its circle of friends.
Even the timidest beginner will find in it a comfortable environment for programming his own Raspberry Pi-driven hardware and software. Many programming languages are available. For a start, you may tinker around with existing ready-to-go projects, soon you will follow your own ideas. For applications as various as lighting control, camera and alarm systems, weather stations, drone control, gaming, robotics, you'll Experiment with the famous SunFounder Sensor Kit.

'A tablet for makers' (writes MagPi)

Given the size and wedge shape of its case, one could discuss the accuracy of the epithet tablet or pad. In practice, the handling of the RasPad is far from impractical. This is a truly portable device, offering an autonomy of some three hours with the standard battery (charging status indicated by 4 LEDs).
The 10.1" IPS touchscreen offers 1200 x 800 pixel resolution. Three buttons control power, volume, and brightness. A pair of 2-watt speakers is Included. Of course, external hardware can be connected easily to the usual Raspberry Pi pins and ports (GPIO, audio jack). Note: The HDMI port is used only as an input for the display.

RasPad – Raspberry Pi Tablet
Normal price: €229.95
Special prijs: €199.95