Raspberry Pi has officially listed on the London Stock Exchange as Raspberry Pi Holdings plc. This move marks a major step for the company, providing new opportunities for faster product development and greater global impact through the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Ticker tape celebrations at the London Stock Exchange as Raspberry Pi gets listed.
The scene at the London Stock Exchange, where Raspberry Pi has gone public.

Raspberry Pi started nearly sixteen years ago, driven by a desire to reconnect young people with technology. Since then, it has sold over sixty million units of its affordable, high-performance computers, becoming essential for hobbyists, educators, and industry professionals.

The funds raised from the IPO will help Raspberry Pi create more of the products we love, and support the Foundation's mission to democratize computing. For more details on how the IPO will benefit the Foundation, check out Philip Colligan's blog post.

Eben Upton reflected on the journey: "We’ve designed PCBs, written software, taped out chips, published magazines, filed patents, trained teachers, run after-school clubs, and seen our products taken to space, to the bottom of the ocean, and to the ends of the earth."

Upton noted that this achievement is thanks to the hard work of the boards, employees, and contractors of both Raspberry Pi and the Foundation, as well as the support from investors. He gave special thanks go to Philip Colligan and Martin Hellawell for their significant contributions.

He also thanked his wife and co-founder, Liz, whose vision and leadership have been crucial in building the Raspberry Pi community.

As Raspberry Pi enters this new phase as Raspberry Pi Holdings plc, we’re looking forward to the continued journey and the road ahead.

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