Elektor Mendocino motor : solar panel, coils and wires
Just before fixing the photovoltaic cells
onto the rim of the octagons.

Air friction bearing is cool

The DIY kit comes partly pre-assembled with a richly illustrated construction manual. About seventy pictures provide clear and useful step by step instructions, sometimes suggesting two different ways of proceeding. This gives room to your own preferences and to your creativity.

Some of the assembly steps, like centering the steel ball seating, placing the magnets, and glueing the borsilicate glass on the acrylic surface, may require dexterity or specific tools: cutters, soldering iron and tin, hot glue, pliers, a clamp to secure the supplied assembly aid.
Fun guaranteed!


  • All solar panels 65 x 20 mm
  • Diametre of the mirror plates: 25 mm
  • Weight octagon rotor: ca 150 g
  • Length model: 200 mm
  • Shaft Width: 110 mm
  • Shaft Height: ca. 88 mm
  • Shaft and base colour: Clear acrylic
  • Mirror colour: yellow
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