This unpublished application is
not Elektor's RGBdigit clock but it
shows the colourful segments
Take a 7-segment digit and make the color of each segment freely programmable. Isn’t it a bright idea? Why the hell didn't anyone think of it before? Seven segment digits were patented in the US as early as 1903. Widespread use came with the LED in the 70’s. Only now, thanks to RGB-LED's, we can freely program the colour of each segment individually and let it change instantly according to the parameters of our choice. 

A colorful 7-segment RGB display for your data

Make no mistake, this is not a gadget. Depending on the intended application, the colours of the segments themselves can become a carrier of essential information. A few examples: the temperature displayed has exceeded a certain setpoint; depending on the time displayed, a delay will soon be exceeded; if it is a weight displayed, let the color indicate whether there is any margin left or not. Etc. 

As can be seen below, there are two versions of the attractive transparent case. You can choose between an acrylic tube and a glass tube. The printed circuit board is available as a bare or partially assembled version (SMD's mounted, only a few through-hole components have yet to be soldered).