Reichelt elektronik have introduced their new RND range of electronic products – this designation indicates high quality devices with an attractive price/performance ratio. Products such as fuse holders, enclosures, cables, connectors and resistors are all available in this new range.

The new RND range covers the basic requirements for components, connection technology, wiring and laboratory equipment. According to reichelt the main feature of the RND brand is a particularly good price/performance ratio. For example, you can expect its small plastic housings to be 20 to 40% cheaper than comparable products from other suppliers.
RND products meet common industry standards such as CE, RoHS and REACH. At the moment the RND range is made up of about 3,500 products and it’s constantly being expanded. Reichelt currently offer more than 85,000 products to customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, France, Poland and The Netherlands.