Sports drink for E-bikes

August 24, 2017 | 15:10
Sports drink for E-bikes
Sports drink for E-bikes
What do you do when you go biking and run out of energy after a few hours of activity? You take a slug of that sports drink you carried with you especially for this purpose.

A sports drink is supposed to recharge your batteries and give you fresh energy to ride those extra fifty kilometres. Now what if this happens to your E-bike instead of to you? Enter the Range Extender, the sports drink for E-bikes.

The Range Extender by BMZ Drive Systems is a mobile charger for E-bike batteries. Shaped like a bicycle water bottle, it delivers the extra energy that E-bikes need to be as enduring as you. Weighing 1.5 kg and capable of stocking around 250 Wh of energy, it increases the range of a modern E-bike by up to 50%. Suitable for charging 10S / 36-37 V Li-ion batteries, it is compatible with many E-bikes.

The Range Extender itself is charged through the standard E-bike charger.

Illustration: BMZ Drive Systems
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