Summer Deal: 20% Off Android Apps Book

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Summer Deal: 20% Off Android Apps Book
Summer Deal: 20% Off Android Apps Book

We’re entering the final three weeks of our Super Summer Deals with a substantial discount on one of the most popular Elektor publications of 2013!


The Android OS is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout modern technology, allowing users to create a custom experience on their smartphone or tablet computer. Whether for profit or practicality, most of us have probably thought of an innovative Android App at some point, but lacked the necessary skills to make it a reality.


When it comes to personalizing your smartphone you should not feel limited to off-the-shelf applications. Creating your own apps and programming Android devices is easier than you think!


Android Apps – programming step-by-step is an introduction to programming Apps for Android devices. The operation of the Android system is explained in a concise and easy-to-comprehend manner, using numerous hands-on examples to illustrate programming techniques for simple math programs and advanced internet applications alike.


Besides writing applications in the Java programming language, this book also explains how Apps can be programmed using Javascript or PHP scripts.


Invest in this fantastic learning tool: Order before September 10, 2013 and claim 20% discount on your copy of Android Apps – programming step-by-step.

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