The AMIHO wireless M-Bus module

August 10, 2015 | 02:06
AMIHO technology has introduced a compact, low-cost wireless Meter-bus (M-bus) module primarily aimed at providing connectivity for Smart meters and IoT devices.

The AM090 module measuring just 15mm square contains an ARM 32-bit Cortex-M0+ micro controller unit which has 128 KB of flash program memory and 16 KB of RAM built-in. The hardware also includes GPIOs and a high speed ADC and DAC suitable for audio or general purpose measurement applications. The Wireless M-Bus implements a serial communication channel using standard AT commands running at 4800 baud using the 868 MHz license-free ISM band approved throughout Europe.

Software support includes full low-level platform drivers and EN13757-4:2013 wireless M-Bus RF stack level drivers. AES 128-bit encryption and decryption is implemented and there is support for wireless Meter-Bus S, R, T and C modes with OMS extensions for metering applications. The company has also developed an optimised smart metering software stack for the module, licensable as a stand-alone product for integration into other designs. It is currently undergoing smart metering trials in Europe.

Development is supported by the AE090 evaluation kit which includes two nodes to allow testing of the AM090 for your application. A USB-stick version of the module is also available which incorporates an integrated antenna.
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