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The complete Elektor 1990 - present day archive now available for GREEN and GOLD members

January 28, 2015 | 15:13
The complete Elektor 1990 - present day archive now available for GREEN and GOLD members
The complete Elektor 1990 - present day archive now available for GREEN and GOLD members

Membership of the Elektor community is not and should not be limited to receiving printed or digital copies of Elektor magazine at regular intervals. Although Elektor’s latest edition is always sure to keep you at the cutting edge of electronics and embedded technology, many of you have indicated a keen desire to consult earlier editions of the magazine, or get the schematics for an unfinished project.

We have responded to your wishes by our commitment to compile and make accessible online, the largest archive in the world of Elektor magazine back articles including all its famous projects. With a GREEN or GOLD membership to Elektor you have full access to the enormous amount of unique electronics Elektor has published over more than 25 years. Irrespective of the length of their membership, all Elektor GREEN and GOLD members are granted free access to the ELEKTOR 1990 - PRESENT DAY ARCHIVE. Right now, in our 40th year of publication!

“Enormous” may be an understatement. Expressed in kilo-units (K), a year volume of Elektor magazine has 0.15K circuits on average, so extending back to 1990 an instantly accessible library will be at your disposal with approximately: 3.75K circuits, projects, lab tips, reviews, and experiments; 5K urls of electronics spaces out there; 1.2K component lists; 15K schematics and illustrations in the renowned Elektor style; 2K PCB designs also equally renowned Elektor style; 11,250K words from the editorial team; 1.5K downloads for projects; and 4K man-hours by our lab engineers. We tried to get a figure on online data but our web staff no longer recognize the K multiplier. Do not take our word for it, go ahead and experience the archive right now at Elektor-magazine.com.

Not a member yet? Taking out an Elektor membership for one year also guarantees a supply of 150 brand new circuits and projects, 26 Elektor POST projects, 52 Elektor POST newsletters, some 50 videos and a myriad of circuit boards, modules, and tools on the pages we just love to produce for you. We can’t think of a more compelling reason to become a GREEN or GOLD member. As a member you are entitled to a permanent discount of at least 10% on all products in the Elektor Store; you have access to Elektor-Labs.com, and you receive six super-size editions (132-pages) of our magazine.

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