The LT3088 linear regulator

June 10, 2015 | 01:23
The LT3088 Linear Regulator
The LT3088 Linear Regulator
Most new voltage regulator chips are based on some variant of the digital switch-mode design which offers better efficiency compared with the more traditional linear regulator designs. Linear Technology has bucked the trend by introducing a new three-terminal linear regulator which offers some significant improvements on earlier designs.

The LT3088 has an input range from 1.2 V to 36 V with an extended safe operating area (SOA) compared to existing regulators, making it ideal for high input-to-output voltage and high output current applications where older regulators limit the output. The LT3088 uses a current source reference, allowing a single resistor to set the output voltage from 0 V to 34.5 V (with 1.2 V dropout). This regulator architecture, combined with low millivolt line and load regulation, enables multiple ICs to be paralleled easily for heat spreading and higher output current. The on-chip trimmed 50 µA current reference is ±1% accurate. The regulation, transient response and output noise (27 µVRMS) are independent of output voltage thanks to its voltage follower architecture.

The LT3088 is easily configurable as a 3-terminal regulator, its SOT-223 and DD-Pak packages matching industry standard pinouts such as the LT1117, but with superior performance. Input or output capacitors for stability are optional in either linear regulator mode or current-source mode of operation. The LT3088’s internal protection circuitry includes reverse-input protection, reverse-current protection, internal current limiting and thermal shutdown.

The LT3088 is offered in a variety of thermally enhanced surface mount compatible packages, including a low profile 8-lead 3 x 3 x 0.75mm DFN, a 3-lead SOT-223 and a 3-lead DD-Pak, allowing power dissipation up to 2 W in surface mount applications with no heat sink. A wide variety of grades/temperature ranges are offered including: E and I grades -40 to +125°C, high reliability H grade -40 to +150°C and the military MP grade -55 to +150°C. 1,000-piece pricing starts at $1.95 each for the E grade.
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