Mentor Graphics has announced a IoT development environment which includes a customizable IoT gateway System Dev kit (SysDK), a cloud backend and runtime solutions on which IoT edge devices can be built.

The System Development Kit provides the link between the edge devices and the Cloud. It uses Freescales i.MX 6 series applications processor which is based on the ARM Cortex-A9. To support secure convergence, the Mentor gateway SysDK can be customized to enable secure boot and hardware-enforced secure gateway partitions using ARM TrustZone which enables secure applications such as certificate management and secure remote firmware upgrades. The integration of cloud middleware supports the functionality provided from the cloud backend. Customizable and secure edge devices can be built on the following Mentor and industry standard runtime environments:

• Nucleus RTOS
• Nucleus SafetyCert RTOS
• Mentor Embedded Linux
• Mentor Embedded Multicore Framework
• Mentor Embedded Hypervisor
• Android or bare metal environments
• High performance graphics solution

The base reference software includes a Linux BSP with support for the reference board. Customers can purchase the Mentor gateway SysDK out-of-the-box and customize it to their individual specifications or by using support available from engineers at Mentor.
The Mentor System Dev kit