TI launches second-generation wireless charger controller

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
TI launches second-generation wireless charger controller
TI launches second-generation wireless charger controller

Texas Instruments has introduced the bq500210 IC, , which is designed to control and transfer wireless power for contactless chargers compliant with the Qi standard from the Wireless Power Consortium. The bq500210 is a second generation wireless power dedicated digital controller that integrates the logic functions required to control wireless power transfer in a single channel WPC compliant contactless charging base station.


The bq500210 is an intelligent device that periodically pings the surrounding environment for available devices to be powered, monitors all communication from the device being wirelessly powered, and adjusts power applied to the transmitter coil according to feedback received from the powered device. The bq500210 also manages the fault conditions associated with power transfer and controls the operating mode status indicator. The bq500210 additionally supports improved detection of parasitic metal objects.


The IC includes an analyzer that examines the efficiency of energy transfer and throttles back power transfer when the target device becomes charged. It also protects the transmitter and receivers from excessive power loss and overheating. The chip additionally performs metal object detection to provide protection against power transfer to extraneous metal objects. Overload and overtemperature protection circuitry is integrated in the chip.

Image: TI

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