Disrupter and startup Halo Neuroscience has demonstrated an impressive wearable device which utilizes pulses of energy to improve athletic performance. 'Neuropriming' involves applying a small amount of electrical current to a wearer's brain via electrodes in contact with the scalp. Correctly tuned and focused, this stimulation is claimed to help to increase the excitability of motor neurons and so accelerate the strength and skill acquisition of athletes.

Halo Neuroscience advices the best results while athletes are doing a "high volume of quality repetitions" i.e. whilst training. The benefits of the neurostimulation should continue after training because the brain will have learnt more effective techniques; which translates into strength and performance gains. 

Outside sport, doctors, neuroscientists, engineers, and designers are hoping to use neuropriming for medical reasons such as helping with the recovery of stroke patients.
Halo Sport is currently in limited availability. "Team deployments" can be discussed with elite organizations, but consumers – as the time of writing  – can only register their interest with Halo Neuroscience.