The German Code Mercenaries have recently presented two new modules: LED-Warrior09-01MOD and the LED-Warrior09-02MOD. These DALI-Master boards (DALI means Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) have one I2C-interface and two switch inputs. The 01MOD operates from an external 5V power supply, while the 02MOD derives its power supply from the DALI-bus. The 01MOD is galvanically isolated from the DALI-bus and can therefore be easily deployed as a bridge between two networks. The 02MOD is intended to connect simple switches and buttons to the DALI-bus.
The functionality of the switch inputs can be configured via the I2C-interface. Potential applications are dimming, switching and recalling of a preset setting. If desired, individual addresses, groups or all the connected equipment can be addressed.
The LED-Warrior09 is also available in a DIL8- or SOIC8-IC.

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