The black-and-gold Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition (LE) was created to celebrate the fact that more than 10 million (!) UNOs have been sold worldwide. Each board has a unique serial number and comes in a special gold-black box signed by the creators of Arduino. In this video shows us unboxing the tiny board.

Unboxing the UNO Mini Board

Even though the Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition is about four times as small as a regular Arduino UNO Rev3 board, it is 100% software compatible as it is equipped with the same ATmega328 microcontroller as the UNO. Besides its size, the only difference is the USB-C connector that replaces the large USB Type-B socket. Note that this does not mean that the Arduino UNO Mini LE supports USB-C speeds, it is just for the user’s convenience as USB Type-C cables have become so common.

This video shows what the Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition and its packaging look like. What a cute little board, isn't it?

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