Join Elektor engineer Clemens Valens for a free webinar titled "Test & Measurement with Arduino" on August 11, 2022, at 16:00 CEST. Register today! Join the webinar and have a chance to win one LabNation SmartScope USB Oscilloscope.

As you know, most modern test and measurement instruments are nothing more than a microcontroller (MCU) supported by special signal-processing circuits and a decent display. The Arduino UNO board is also based on a microcontroller and features digital and analog inputs, and thus it can be used at the heart of a measurement instrument. Valens explains: "Even if it lacks special signal-processing circuits, it can be very useful in many situations where signals are not super fast or where ultra-high precision is not required. Instead of investing in an expensive all-singing, all-dancing oscilloscope, it is often enough to write a few simple sketches, learn a few tricks, and know your way around a spreadsheet."
Test & Measurement with Arduino