USB wall outlets save space and reduce clutter

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
USB wall outlets save space and reduce clutter
USB wall outlets save space and reduce clutter

Current Werks has introduced two energy-saving USB wall outlets: Quattro and Duo. The Quattro model is a unique product that provides four powerful USB charging ports in place of a standard US wall outlet. The Quattro’s four USB ports have a net capacity of 22 watts. The Quattro also features an innovative tamper-resistant door that completely eliminates standby power when closed.


The Duo model combines a standard US duplex outlet with two in-wall USB charging ports with a rated capacity of 16 W. This gives users the choice of charging from a USB port or using a conventional AC power adapter. The Duo supports 15 A and 20 A wall receptacles.

The Quattro and Duo USB wall outlets are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. They are powerful enough to provide the fastest charge available to even the most power-hungry portable devices, including smartphones and tablets. The Quattro and Duo outlets are designed to maximize charging power and wall outlet space available for charging while eliminating unnecessary wall clutter.


Image: Current Werks

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