Artificial intelligence is the hype of today, it is all over the internet, on TV, and in every newspaper. You have probably seen deep fake videos made with AI and maybe you own a personal assistant that recognizes what you say to it and then plays your favourite music or turns on the lights.


The MAX78000 neural network accelerator from Maxim Integrated is targeted at this kind of applications, devices and gadgets near and around you or even on you in the case of wearables. It adds AI capabilities to low-power devices without needing a connection to the internet.

In this webinar Brian Rush from Maxim Integrated presents both the MAX78000 and the MAX78000FTHR development module.


Because the MAX78000 is such an interesting device, Elektor and Maxim together organize a design contest around it. Use the MAX78000 in a creative project, document your work, and enter it before June 30, 2021. Up to € 3,500 prize money can be won!

To get you started with the MAX78000 there is a pre-contest in which you can win a free MAX78000FTHR board that will be helpful for doing your contest project. All you have to do is fill in a form and briefly describe the application you have in mind. This must be done before April 15, 2021.