Wireless Guitar Jack Better Than Cable

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Wireless Guitar Jack Better Than Cable
Wireless Guitar Jack Better Than Cable

With latency under 2.3 ms, the stageClix wireless guitar jack from Systec Designs boasts the lowest latency of any digital wireless audio adapter of its kind in the world. According to the manufacturer, it is actually better than in many ways than a traditional hard-wired cable link between guitar and amplifier.


Designed for serious amateur and professional musicians, the wireless jack combines a standard quarter-inch (6.3-mm) jack plug with a transmitter unit on an articulated joint, which plugs into the guitar and can be turned to lie flat against it. The transmitter communicates with a receiver unit that is compatible with any guitar amp, and which can also charge the transmitter when not in use. Both devices utilize Nordic Semiconductor low-power transducers, enabling the transmitter to operate for up to 15 hours from a pair of built-in rechargeable AAA batteries.


A belt pack option called stageClix Pack provides a microphone input for amplifying the sound of acoustic instruments such as trumpets, saxophones and acoustic guitars, and also supports a short cable connection to the guitar to accommodate a small number of bass guitars whose poorly shielded active electronics can be affected by the RF field of the transmitter when it is plugged directly into the guitar.


A patent-pending anti-interference protocol streams audio redundantly over three frequency hopped channels, allowing lost packets from any two of the three channels to be reconstructed. A secondary algorithm is used to provide intelligent interpolation if full reconstruction of data packets by the primary algorithm fails for any reason. According to Systec, this approach eliminates problems such as fadeouts, dropouts and popping sounds that often plague wireless musical instrument links.

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