Wireless solar-powered sensor monitors carbon monoxide levels

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Wireless solar-powered sensor monitors carbon monoxide levels
Wireless solar-powered sensor monitors carbon monoxide levels

Unitronic is planning to present a wireless solar-powered sensor module for the continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide (CO) concentration in buildings and in industrial applications at the upcoming SENSOR+TEST 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany.


The core of the Unitronic Solar CO Sensor Module (USCSM) is an innovative electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor with a standard AA battery form factor, developed by Figaro, which meets the specifications of EN 50291 and VDI 2053, and a STM 300 programmable, bidirectional wireless sensor module for 315/868 MHz from EnOcean.


The main sensor element is powered by an electrochemical process, enabling it to operate without an external supply voltage. Combined with the ultra low power consumption of the EnOcean wireless sensor module, this enables the carbon monoxide sensor to operate anywhere worldwide from the power provided by the integrated solar cells, fully independent of additional power sources, as long as there is enough light available at least part of the time.


The detection range of the USCSM is 20 to 1000 ppm. Measurements are made every 20 seconds in normal ambient air, and the wireless module transmits a presence message every hour with the current values of the CO concentration and the supply voltage. This measurement and transmission cycle enables an operating time of up to 60 hours in darkness. The measurement and transmission cycle rate increases automatically if the CO concentration in the ambient air rises, and the current supply voltage readings enables continuous analysis of the expected remaining operating time. Early visual or audible warning ensures a high level of safety.


The standard version of the USCSM module measures 55 x 24 x 22 mm. Customer-specific versions are available upon request.


Image: Unitronic


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