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We use cookies to improve browser experience of this website, and to understand more about how our browsers use the website. Cookies are data files sent from website servers and stored on your computer. These cookies are used to facilitate navigation in the website, or to record your preferences. We use Google Analytics to analyse the website. Although cookies are used for this, Google clearly stipulates this in no way comprises a breach of privacy. Via your browser settings you can ask to be notified when a cookie is set, or you can block them. However, this may limit browser functionality of the website.

Third party websites

Given the nature of our website (news and articles) the Elektor website naturally links up to other websites; sites that do not form part of Elektor, or its affiliates. Notwithstanding the due care and attention paid, Elektor cannot be held liable for how these third parties handle your data. For further information please refer to the privacy statements on the websites you are visiting.

Click behaviour

We collate and analyse information relating to use of the Elektor website(s). Essentially, this comprises clarifying information about, e.g.: visitor statistics, traffic sources and page displays, but also understanding of page layout, as well as visit duration. In this regard too, the purpose of this generic visitor data is to optimise the design of the Elektor website.

Social buttons

On the Elektor website we facilitate liking or sharing specific page content on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. For this we use the code made available to us by these companies, further to which cookies are again set. Seeing as these buttons and their functionality do not derive from us, we exert no influence on how they work. For further information we kindly refer you to the privacy statements of the social media you wish to use.

As the most popularly-used social media, we hereby provide a link to Twitter and Facebook's privacy statements. Please note that in nigh on all cases, data collated by social media is transferred and stored on servers in the United States. Although these state their affiliation with the American Department of Commerce's Privacy Shield programme, again, we cannot be held liable in this regard. This means there is an appropriate level of protection in place for the processing of potential personal data. Social media privacy statements are frequently amended, therefore we recommend these are regularly consulted.  

Amendment of the Cookie Statement

We retain the right to amend this Cookie Statement. Any such instance of amendment will be categorically published on this page. To remain up-to-speed it is advisable to regularly consult this Cookie Statement. You can also subscribe to 'tag' cookies. In which case we will automatically update you by email.

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