Makerfabs from China, manufacturer of, amongst other things, kits for makers, sent me three of their products for evaluation: a development system based on a Raspberry Pi Zero-W and two kits for playing with the Raspberry Pi Pico

The first product, the Raspberry Pi Embedded System Development Platform (RAPDPP) is a hat for the Raspberry Pi together with a Raspberry Pi Zero-W and a kind of enclosure. The hat features a TFT touch display, several sensors, and has a bunch of Grove-compatible extension connectors.  

Two Makerfabs Raspberry Pi Pico Kits

The Pico Starter Kit contains all the parts you need to do all the projects presented in the book by the Raspberry Pi Foundation “Get started with MicroPython on Raspberry Pi Pico”

Makerfabs Pico Primrer Kit

The Pico Primer Kit consists of a Raspberry Pi Pico plus a baseboard with a small TFT display, a buzzer, three push buttons, three LEDs and six Grove-compatible connectors. Also included are six extension modules, a servo and an ultrasonic transducer and wires to connect it all together.