This circuit board offers space for an LCD, two pushbuttons, two power transistors, temperature, air pressure and humidity sensors, a microphone preamplifier, an LDR, an IR sensor and a remote control receiver. In addition there are two LED outputs and a buzzer, and there is a protected and filtered analog input. Furthermore, there are also two protected digital inputs and outputs, which can also function as a serial port. Not everything can be fitted on the circuit board at the same time, but it still accommodates many of them simultaneously.

The idea behind this circuit was to use a few LEDs to make a kind of sound-level traffic light, where the colors of the traffic light indicate different sound levels. In this case red means 'too loud'. Handy for a concert or when the neighbors are having a loud party again.

The entire circuit comprises only a few components which can all be fitted on the multipurpose shield.
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Arduino Sound-Level Protector
In this article we show you how you can realize a ‘sound-level traffic light’ using an Uno, together with an Elektor-developed multipurpose shield and a handful of common parts.
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