Ever wondered about the magic behind Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices? In this recent Elektor Webinar, Koen Vervloesem, a renowned expert in Linux and IoT with two decades of hands-on experience, shows you how to reverse engineer BLE devices and offers some practical examples!

Reverse Engineering BLE

Imagine owning multiple Bluetooth clocks from different brands, each demanding its unique app to synchronize. An inconvenience? For most, yes. But for Koen, it's an opportunity! Watch as he unveils his step-by-step approach to capturing and decoding data packets. Discover the tools of the trade, from versatile Bluetooth dongles like the nRF52840 to canonical pieces of software like Wireshark.

Swim through the vast ocean of captured data with Koen's invaluable tips, ensuring you catch those vital bits of information. And when the path seems uncertain, witness how he cracks open Android apps, extracting the final pieces of the puzzle.

By the end, you'll be captivated as Koen effortlessly syncs all his clocks with the mastery of Python. Plus, uncover the potential to apply these techniques to myriad other BLE products. Discover that reverse engineering isn't just accessible and affordable, but it's a thrilling puzzle waiting to be solved!

Don't miss out! Watch the video below to unravel the mysteries of BLE with Koen Vervloesem!

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