As the recent NSA leaks highlight the importance of privacy enhancing tools, Adafruit presents the Onion Pi. This DIY project explains how set up a Rasp Pi as a wireless access point, which, after installing The Onion Router software enables anonymous browsing. 

Tor is free software that protects against traffic analysis. It obscures the routing of data packets by sending them over a series of hops of the Tor network. Layered encryption ensures that none of the nodes can read the sender and destination of the packet at the same time.

Adafruit, the company promoting electronic tinkering, combined the Onion Router and the Raspberry Pi to create the Onion Pi: a secure wireless access point (AP) that routes all traffic over the Tor network. Because of its size you can bring it along and turn every Ethernet connection you encounter into a Tor secured AP.

The most important parts you need for this DIY project are a model B Pi, a WiFi adapter, an Ethernet cable and a SD card with Raspbian installed.

Be advised that Tor does not provide complete anonymity. For better online security it's wise to combine a wide range methods and tools. For more information on how to secure your Internet activity The Cryptoparty Handbook is a good start.