Free E-Book AVR Software Defined Radio

May 6, 2014 | 11:47
The Free E-Book for Members
The Free E-Book for Members
AVR Software Defined Radio

Atmel AVR microcontrollers are very popular, not least because of the free development tools that are available. In this E-Book (Free download for Members) we show how these processors can be pressed into service for digital signal processing tasks. We cover the subject from the ground up, making the series suitable for beginners, and in true Elektor style the focus is on practical experiments.
As this series shows, the popular AVR microcontroller can be used for digital signal processing tasks. You can build the hardware yourself or you can obtain boards from Elektor, and the software is as ever available for download as source code from our website. Let’s generate some signals!

The E-Book can be obtained by clicking on the Attachment below and logging on with your Elektor-ID. 
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AVR Software Defined Radio
Get your free E-Book on Software Defined Radio here. This e-book is made as tablet-friendly PDF so you can enjoy it anywhere you like!
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