IZH Concept Hybrid Motorcycle: Cleaner, Safer

May 11, 2010 | 08:28
IZH Concept Hybrid Motorcycle: Cleaner, Safer
IZH Concept Hybrid Motorcycle: Cleaner, Safer
Don't you just love those concept vehicles? I certainly do. They make me feel like sixteen and anxious to buy my first scooter all over again. The IZH Concept Hybrid Motorcycle has a radical design and some amazing safety features which are quite unique on a bike. And it's a hybrid, what more do you want?

The safety features consist of dual airbags and a crumple zone, both of which are a first on motorcycles. Futhermore the IZH has traction control, a proximity camera/braking system and a front facing night vision camera. I assume it also comes equipped with ABS because that's already a standard on newer bikes.

The engine is a combination of a 140 hp v-twin six geared regular engine and a 80 hp brushless two geared electric engine built into the rear of the bike. The elctrical engine uses a lithium-sulfide battery which is cheaper to produce than ordinary lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-sulfide also has more power, however, personally I am unsure if these batteries are as eco-friendly in production and in the breakdown of used ones.

The list of other innovative new features on this bike is still quite long. Throttle, cluth and brakes are all electronically controlled. The brakes are operating on a magnetic system, of course backed up by a hydraulic one. All the wiring and hoses are integrated in the frame to reduce bulk and it also makes the bike look better.

The chance of this bike to actually be produced is small, it simply contains to much features which still need to be proven valuable. Personally I wonder how much good airbags would do when you're flying through the air like an albatros during a crash. However, it is still nice to see how many new ideas are put into this bike and maybe the big manufacturers will copy one or two of these.

One final detail, IZH stands for Izhevsk Mechanical Works. Yes, that is the same company that made the world a better place by bringing us the classic AK-47.

via: Electrovelocity, Ecofriend, Yanko
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