Lego It: Internet of Things Maker Kit

May 22, 2014 | 20:42
Lego It: Internet of Things Maker Kit
Lego It: Internet of Things Maker Kit
The creators of the Intoino maker kit want to democratize electronics and the Internet of Things. They've developed a range of DIY kits which make it easy for anyone to start building electronics projects. Pre-orders have started at the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

The Intoino maker kit consists of an application library, an Arduino and a bunch of sensors. You can pick a project from the library and upload it to the Arduino. A manual explains how to hook up the sensors. There a projects such a lamp switch controlled by clapping and a humidity sensor that tweets when your plant needs watering.

The idea behind Intoino is that anyone can start turning their everyday objects into networked devices without having any prior knowledge of electronics or coding. What is not very clear is how the maker kit helps first time electronics enthusiasts to gradually learn more and get beyond mere assembly of the offered projects.

Intoino is open source and users can upload their projects to the app library. The two Italians behind Intoino are currently running a crowdfunding campain on Indiegogo. Starting from $75, pledgers can choose between different kits such as the garden, domotic or robotic kit. Kits ship with an Arduino included.

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