Transcend Robotics has created a mobility platform that can negotiate stairs and obstacles. Makers can build their own robotic project on top of the chassis.

Creating a robot chassis that can climb stairs is difficult and not everybody who is in to building robots wants to focus on the mobility aspect. The folks at Transcend Robotics (TR) have developed a robust mobility platform that can move around in a rough unknown environment. The platform is aimed at both hobbyists and roboticists to integrate in their project or product.

Ground drone
The TR team has spent three years building what they call a ground drone: an unmanned ground vehicle and named it ARTI short for Articulated Traction Control, 'cause that's how it rolls. They're now running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $25,000.

ARTI_rola The center boxes are mostly empty providing 450+ sq. inches for additional electronics, a payload can be mounted on the flat top.

Pledgers who chip in $100 receive a how-to consisting of a bill of materials and assembly instructions. ARTI is build from off-the-shelf parts and depending on the materials used it is possible to build an ARTI for around $200, according to the TR team. If the campaign is successful the building instructions will be made publicly available. So this pledge is for those who want to get in as early as possible (April 2015) and/or wish the campaign to succeed.

A full-fledged assembly kit with all necessary parts included is available for $2,100. A $300 kit comes with the boxes and articulated joint system but without the electronics.