Post project 12: Low-cost Allergy Fighter

July 26, 2013 | 10:29
Post project 12: Low-cost Allergy Fighter
Post project 12: Low-cost Allergy Fighter
Allergies sadly are common and affect our daily lives, from the odd sneeze and watery eyes in full summer right up to skin rashes and debilitating migraine attacks. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and every sufferer of allergy will need to find, apply and tweak his or her personal medication or alternative treatment method. Electronics is all about thinking out of the (pill)box, so here we boldly add a DIY nasal red light to the range of not-so-common therapeutic devices.
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There are several portable devices out there to treat the effects of allergies like hay fever, by means of red light. Its creators claim that these treatments make the walls of the mast cells less penetrable, causing them to react slower to pollen and as a result less histamine is released. Some commercial examples of these gadgets are Medisana Medinose, Sinus Laser or Bionase (all trademarks acknowledged).
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