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Jaime G.-Arintero

1x Project in May = 1x ECIO single board computer

Status: Finished
May 20, 2014


LET'S MAKE! (a deal)

During May 2014, all members posting projects in Elektor.LABS will receive an ECIO single board computer for free, courtesy of Matrix Technology Solutions Ltd.

Simply log-in first, and then create a project or enter a proposal, and the Elektor.LABS team will contact you at the end of the month. Easy ;)
The board will be delivered to your mailbox completely for free!


About ECIO boards

The ECIO family of USB programmable single board computers provide an incredibly simple way of adopting microcontroller technology into your projects. ECIO devices include a microcontroller with clock, power and programming circuitry on a standard 0.6" DIL header. When you plug the USB lead in to an ECIO you can reprogram the device or use the USB interface for communications with a PC.

Currently there are three ECIO devices based on PIC and ARM microcontrollers. ECIO devices are compatible with hex code from a number of compilers including Flowcode, BASIC, C and assembly.


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28 pin PIC 18 ECIO
28 pin PIC 18 ECIO
40 pin ARM 7 ECIO

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