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Another Switch Clock

Status: Proposal
December 8, 2014
Unfortunately, I have no time left to develop a new idea: I want a new type of switch clock; main purposes: switching on an electric heater in the morning or an electric blanket in the evening: requirements: - directly powered by 220Volt - contains clock (with limited display capabilities, maybe 1 piece of 7-digit LED display is enough) - No hardware relay, but solid state relay up to 10A. - small backup battery - must fit in small case (a case which has a 220volt plug and socket in the housing, so it can be easily plugged into a wall -outlet) - 50 Hz from the power grid can be used as time-reference Functions: - the relay is closed at a settable time (E.G 06:00 in the morning) - switch off is performed by button press manually - the 'alarm' is rearmed for the next event (the next 06:00 the next morning) - an overrule button to manually switch on. - a third button for a timer-event: e.g switch on manually (start timer) for 30 minutes. Of course, these 3 buttons can also be used to adjust the clock, the alarm and the timer. Anybody fancy in developing this? Many thanks, Geert
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