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Bee's hive follower

Status: Proposal
August 19, 2013

The beekeper has to follow his hives to do the best actions at the right time. When they are in your backyard, no problem to follow them every day. But when they are far away, it is more difficult... With good timing, you can get tens of kg of honey. With less chance, you can get nothing... The idea is to follow the weight of the hive (10 -> 100kg), the t°, the humidity, and other sensors, and send alarms when needed. The project should be split in different parts: data acquisition, logging, communication. Some of us has wifi available near the hives, some have GSM possibilities, or not. The power supply should also come from solar cells, because lots are in the middle of nowhere... Usualy, we have between 1 an 10 hives. Data loggin and communications can probably be re-used from different projects, the sensitive point will the the weithing out, wich is a mechanical and electronic chalenge.

Has someone started such project or idea? Anono

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