Design an all-analog fading LED circuit, post it on Elektor Labs, and make a chance to win a €100 gift certificate. Here are the results!

The winner of the €100 gift certificate is...

Analogue alternating linear LED fader using 2 different approaches by Roel Arits
Well done, excellent work, Roel!  Thank you for your participation.

Extra price, a €50 gift certificate, goes to SIMPLE FADING LED by anto:-)

Because all the other participants did a great job too, they are rewarded a €25 gift certificate.

Thank you very much to all for participating. We hope to see more of your work here, maybe in another contest?

The contest is over

This contest has been very sucessful and has resulted in much more response than we had ever hoped for. Who would have expected so many different circuits to do such a seemingly simple task as fading an LED in and out?

All participants have done a great job and now we face the difficult task to choose a winner. The winner will be announced on this page on Friday, October 6, 2017.

Many, many thanks to all those people who participated, with circuits of course, but also with comments, suggestions and votes!

The voting is over

As of now October 2, 2017, 10.00 h CET voting is closed and the votes have been counted. New votes are nice and welcomed with cheering, but will not be taken into account for selecting the winner of the contest.

You can vote by giving the five best projects stars (on the individual project pages), five stars for the best project, one star for the fifth best project. Remember the rules: a valid project consists of:
  • an original schematic;
  • a description;
  • a video showing that it works.

You must be logged in to be able to vote, see the videos, schematics and other project details.
  1. Progressive blinking LED by Andre_Ouaga
  2. Analogue alternating linear LED fader using 2 different approaches by Roel Arits
  3. LED Analogue Fader by mkstevo
  4. LED heartbeat by bruno4water
  5. Fading LED by Rainer60
  6. Fading LED Contest by Niklas Hornstein
  7. Fading LED Contest by purple-bobby
  8. Dead simple led fader all analogue by Heribert Houben
  9. Fading LED by HanBo
  10. Fading LED Contest by Leoke
  11. Contest: Logarythmic LED Fader by Reinhold Pieper​
  12. Adjustable color burst generator by Michael A. Shustov
  13. Fading LED a different way by Arnoldus
  14. Pulsing Led for Competition by David Ashton
  15. SIMPLE FADING LED by anto:-)

Contest description

LEDs that slowly fade in and out to indicate stand-by mode or the availability of a new message have been made popular by smartphones and other gadgets. To do this is easy enough with a microcontroller and some programming, but can you do it without?

So here is the deal

Design an all-analog fading LED circuit and post it on Elektor Labs. Add a short video to show it off. Bonus points will be given for added functionality like adjustable fading speed and duty-cycle.

The best design wins a €100 gift certificate.


September 24, 2017 (Elektor Labs post date).

Small print

The design must be yours, public domain designs will be discarded.