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Elektor has, of course, been helping engineers with projects on its own online LAB for years. It is a place where a wonderful diversity of projects come together. Over the years, we have seen interesting and fun projects come to life in the LAB, and we have also seen projects that contributed to society. In a sense, we feel it is the core of our community, and we are thankful for all the great contributions we receive there.  

Now, in these impressive times of global pandemic we have seen many great initiatives around the globe mobilizing electronic engineers and maker pros to help, that we too, fully support. And of course, many members of our community have also been at home, working on projects of all sorts — useful, fun or those they never got around to finish before. 
In short, we feel that in the Elektor LAB too there are many people that have put their capabilities to work since the lockdowns resulting in great new ideas that may be helpful for others. Whether for fun or for society, we want to encourage you to share these projects on the Elektor LAB platform. That doesn't mean they have to be a respirator or a ventilator. It may also be a nice little project that is fun to make and to share with a large group of like-minded people, quite a few of whom are currently at home against their will. Something fun to do can help too!
As we said, we are well aware that there are already many initiatives out there that call on engineers to use their knowledge and skills for good causes. Still, Elektor wants to give a small push here. Not to take away the spotlights of other good initiatives, but rather to put more attention on them, or to give that last bit of motivation to rethink that one project that is already on the Elektor LAB again. 
To help with that little extra push to get started or to start sharing, Elektor offers three vouchers for €100 worth of LAB equipment for the Elektor store for the three most interesting projects that are new or re-vamped for this purpose. On top of that, we will award another €250 voucher for the project that we feel contributes the most to the community, specifically in these times.   
Winners will be selected by a  jury headed by our very own Clemens Valens. 
The requirements are simple:
  • we are looking for any project that saw the first light of day during lockdown times (we feel between February 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020 is fitting, but are open for suggestions) or were significantly changed to fit the situation during those days.
  • They may be in any field or domain, but again Elektor will award one special voucher of €250 for the project that adds most value to improving the current situation.